What do our guests say about us?

Our heartfelt thanks to all the guests who have taken the time to post something for us. We are very grateful and sometimes moved by your kind words.
Seeing our house, the village nearby and the view through your eyes keeps reminding us how beautiful is the place where we live.
Your advices, constructive criticism and praise have helped us to improve the B&B and get better at what we do. 

Thank you very much,
Daniele & Valeria


Here follows an excerpt of the feedbacks we received through booking.com and tripadvisor.com:

If you are wondering where the bad reviews are, you will be hard pressed to find any. We are not perfect but we do try to do our best to make you feel comfortable and if you have any problem we'll be happy to help you. Don't be afraid to ask or call us if you have any troubles or needs.