How to find us


Our GPS coordinates are: 43.903198, 7.727916

There are many ways to reach Bajardo by car or bike, which one is better depends from the direction you are arriving from and how much you feel comfortable on small mountains roads.
There's no escaping the fact that Bajardo is a small mountain village at 1.000 meters (3.000 feet) of altitude. Even if we are only 5 km from the sea, the road to go to the coast is 20 km and a 40 minutes drive.
The good news is little traffic and lots of parking space when you eventually get here :-).
And even if at times the road feels a little dangerous it's actually quite safe. In the  last 20 years there's not been any fatality on our roads. The same cannot be said about the majority of the larger roads around the world.
Of course, you have to approach these roads with the right attitude: no hurry!

<zen>Slow down, watch the scenery, breathe the fresh, clean air. Leave your problems and worries behind, on the crowded lanes of the highway. Prepare yourself for a nice, romantic evening.</zen>

You are on holiday after all.

There are essentially three roads you can use


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The fastest way coming from the west is through Dolceacqua and Apricale. The first 10 km to Apricale are very good, the road is large and runs almost in a straight line. You are following the bottom of the Nervia Valley. The last 10 km from Apricale (273 s.l.) to Bajardo (920 s.l.) is where you climb up the mountain, so you will encounter a few bends, the road is a bit narrow in places and without protection in some spots. The paving is good and the scenery is very nice. It is a pretty standard road for this region but if you do not feel comfortable driving on a mountain road we recommend you choose another route.

- Exit the autoroute at Ventimiglia, go east (keep the sea at your right) following the coast until

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The fastest way coming from the east is through Ceriana. This is the best and fastest way to get to the coast and it's the bus route. 

The first 15 km to Ceriana (370 s.l.) are very good, you climb a little, there are no bends.
After you pass through Ceriana you have 3/4 km of good road then the last 4/5 km you climb a litte faster, there will be a few bends and the road narrows a little bit. You will drive through pine and chestnut woods.
No tight spots, good paving and good protection all the way to Bajardo.

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Click here for Google Map directionsIf you are already in Sanremo you can take the road through Ceriana, especially if you are east of the center of the town. Otherwise you can drive from the center of Sanremo through San Giacomo and San Romolo (768 s.l.) to Bajardo. The road starts climbing just outside Sanremo and it is good to San Romolo. Between San Romolo and Bajardo the view is very nice but the paving is not so good, there are some potholes and since you are already high up on the mountain you could find some fog, especially in the cold season .

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If you want to reach Bajardo with public transportation your options are somewhat limited but it is certainly possible. You have to reach Sanremo by train, outside the train station there is the bus stop for Bajardo. It's a 45 minutes drive but chances are that you'll meet some colorful characters on the bus :-)
Here you find the timetable for the Bajardo route in .pdf format.
Here is the link to a national route planner that will help you with connections between various means of public transportation in Italy.

When you reach our village it's only a 10 minute walk to our B&B but if you don't feel like walking just give us a call and we'll pick you up with our car.


There are a couple of other ways to reach us, through Castel Vittorio from the west and Monte Ceppo through the east but we do not recommend them unless you feel a little adventurous :-)